Noun Hound is a fun and fast paced word game for the whole family.

Using letter tiles and the deck of Noun Hound cards with 6 numbered categories per card, each person draws a card, one player rolls the dice, the number it lands on is the word on each card that the card holder tries to spell. With all of the letter tiles face down, the player holding the dice counts to three and the game begins. Each player turning up one letter tile at a time and then laying it face down unless you need that letter to spell your word, the first person to spell their word "Barks" and is the winner.

One round can be played in as little as 30 seconds. You can play teams, play best out of 10 rounds or as many rounds as you'd like. It can be played at a restaurant, at an airport, or anywhere you have a few minutes and want to play a fun, exciting and fast paced game.

It can be used for educational purposes to help your children learn spelling and nouns. This is a great tool for parents who home school to help make learning fun.

Each Noun Hound game comes in a dog bone shaped zipper bag that can easily be carried in backpack or a purse.

Each of our other games can be played as an extension of Noun Hound by using the same letter tiles that come with the Noun Hound game.

At Noun Hound Inc. our business is all fun and games! All we do is eat, sleep, play, bark and wag our tails.