Bone to Pick



Bone to Pick is an extension of the Noun Hound game.  It can be played in conjunction with any of the categorized cards. We don’t believe in encouraging “dog fights”, however, this card game may lead you into a little mischief!  Play begins with the letter tiles face down, the roll of the dice and a card for every player from the categorized deck you choose to use. Each player gets 10 tiles from the center keep them face down. Count to three, each player tries to spell their word from the 10 tiles they drew.  If you complete your word you win.  If you are not able to complete your word, return your unused tiles to the center pile and draw a card from the Bone to Pick deck. You will either draw a number that tells you how many additional tiles you can take or “Bone to Pick” and the number of tiles you can choose from the other players.