Doggone It



This game is a card game that needs to be played with one of the other games like Noun Hound, where the cards have multiple categories.  Play begins with the letter tiles face down, each player chooses a card from the “Noun Hound” deck.  Then each player draws 10 letter tiles face down.  Roll the dice to determine which word you are spelling.  A player counts to three, you turn over your 10 tiles and try to spell the word. You discard the unneeded tiles face down back into the pile.  If you were not able to spell your word yet, then you draw a card from the doggone it deck.  The number on the card reflects the number of tiles you choose from the center to continue and try to spell your word.  When you succeed in spelling your word, you “bark” and you have won.  You continue to return the unneeded tiles to the center and draw from the doggone it deck until someone wins.  If however, you draw a card with “Doggone it” on it, you must surrender all of your tiles back into the center and draw another card from the doggone it deck.  There are some “Doggone it Pass it On” cards which can be given to another player causing them to lose their tiles.  There are also some “Doggone it Skip” cards, which cancels a “Doggone it” card.


doggone_it_card doggone_it_number_card